1. Q - What currency are the prices listed in?
    A - All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

  2. Q - Are the prices inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
    A - Yes, all prices include the prevailing GST. However, we are 
    not able to issue any GST refund as we are not GST-Registered.

  3. Q - What are the mode of payment for the price listed in your website?
    A - All prices listed are based on cash payment only. We do 
    not accept credit card and NETS payment.

  4. Q - Are all the prices listed without contract?
    A - Yes, all prices listed are without contract or subscription.

  5. Q - Are the prices listed in your website similar to those that are sold through your retail shop ?
    A - Yes, all prices sold in our retail 
    shop are the same as those listed in our website for the day it is listed.

  6. Q - What is 'Agent Set','Sign-Line Set'and 'Export-Set' as listed in your website ?
    A - 'Agent Set' are stocks supplied directly from the respective 
    authorized distributors. 'Sign-Line Set' are stocks sourced directly from subscriber who signed a contract with their service provider but do not need the new phones. 'Export-Set' are phones imported from overseas, therefore there is no local agent warranty and shop warranty. They are BRAND NEW PHONES and come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, except for Export Sets.

  7. Q - Do the products come with any warranty?
    A - Yes, all Agent Sets and Sign-Line Sets come with the respective manufacturer's 
    local 1 year warranty, unless otherwise stated.

  8. Q - Do you have stocks for all products listed?
    A - Due to the fast-moving nature of the products, it is advisable to give us a ring for 
    stocks enquiries or reservation.

  9. Q - Do you accept trade-in of used phones?
    A - Yes, we accept trade-in of all used phones.

  10. Q - Do you buy back used phones, even if I am not buying any new phones?
    A - Yes, we buy back all used phones even if you 
    are not buying any phones from us.

  11. Q - What is the the value of my used phones?
    A - We can quote you the trade-in value upon visual inspection of the used phones.

  12. Q - What kind of payments do you accept?
    A - We accept paypal,I-banking and cash payment.

  13. Q - Why is it that credit card and NETS payment not accepted?
    A - As all items are sold at a very low price, we will only accept 
    cash payment so that we can continue to pass the real savings to our customers.

  14. Q - Do you offer any Installment plan?
    A - Sorry, we do not offer any installment plan.

  15. Q - Do you accept orders outside Singapore?
    A- YES, we accept orders FROM OVERSEAS AS WELL.
  16. Q - Must I sign up any membership or purchase extra accessories to enjoy the prices listed in your website?
    A - No, we do not 
    believe in such sales gimmicks. We believe in a clear and transparent pricing policy with no hidden cost.

  17. Q - Are your phones unlocked?
    A - "Unlocked" is a term common to those who are visiting from the US, UK/Europe or Australia. All 
    our phones are considered "unlocked" with the exception of the iPhone. Phones sold in Singapore can accept any SIM card and are not restricted to any particular operator.

  18. Q - Are there any other hidden charges?
    A - No, all our cash payment prices are listed as is. There are no hidden charges or 
    gimmicks. You will get the phone and it's full original contents.

  19. Q - Do you provide after sales service?
    A - 
    All mobile phone manufacturers including NOKIA, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA and SONY ERICSSON prefer to handle after sales services directly. NONE of them support exchange policy. We understand customers prefer to have 7 days exchange. However, without the manufacturers support, we cannot provide goods exchange for the customer.

    Due to this NO exchange policy, we recommend all customers to have their phones tested before they leave the premises of 
    our office. Complaints made after such time will no longer be entertained. We understand that this may not be the best arrangement, that is why we feedback to manufacturers but they still insist that all after sales services must be handled by their respective service centre, without a promise for an exchange on new defective mobile phones.

  20. Q - What if the phone I purchased is defective?
    A - If the product that you purchased is defective, just bring the product's warranty 
    card and our invoice to the corresponding manufacturer's service centre for repair.

  21. Q - What are the modes of payment?
    A - For local payment, we accept bank transfers, COD transactions and payment via 
    credit/debit cards via Paypal. For overseas payment, the preferred payment method is Paypal.

  22. Q - How can we contact you?
    A - We can be contacted at +65 82629712(SMS/WhatsApp) between 11am to 11pm daily. If your calls are not being 
    attended, we would like to apologize as we may be busy attending to customers.
For corporate or wholesale enquiries, please email us at admin@mainzempire.com.
(You may also wish to refer to the above FAQs for more details before you email us for further enquiries. Thank You.)